1100 happy guests at Icold Norway Closing Dinner!

Last week, the international congress Icold was held in Norway with 1100 guests visiting my hometown Stavanger. I was lucky to have all the responsibility at the last event, Closing Dinner. I had put together a program with artists only from Rogaland, and the audience seemed to like it very much! I was one of the artists myself and also the Master of Ceremonies.
I want to thank Icold Norway for the trust in giving me this great opportunity!
Below you can get a glimpse of the atmosphere.

Photos: Olav Søhagen.

Icold Norway, The president Icold Norway, Synneva Erland Kommunikasjon 5 Icold Norwa, Synneva Erland Kommunikasjon Icold Norway, Karin Hodne Icold Norway, Synneva Erland Kommunikasjon 7 Icold Norway, Henning Rød Haugland Icold Norway, Carpenters Icold Norway, Aasland bros 2 Icold Norway, Aasland bros.
Icold Norway, Synneva Erland Kommunikasjon 3

Synneva Erland Kommunikasjon 1This photo: S. Erland